Re: Ir D Flare and Envisat R Obs

From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 09:38:54 EST

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    Another reply. I just retrieved more recent TLE's and now it looks as if the
    elements of Envisat and its rocket have been interchanged. Envisat in a
    slightly higer orbit and more circular than its rocket. I have the opninion
    this is correct.
    So during Friday and Saturday I saw the rocket first instead of Envisat
    itself first. It does not make much difference for my magnitude estimates.
    Bram Dorreman,
    COSPAR 4160 (Achel 1):
    51 16' 45.5" N (51.2793 N),
    5 28' 36.6" E (5.4768 E)
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    From: Jari <>
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    Date: zondag 3 maart 2002 7:05
    Subject: Ir D Flare and Envisat R Obs
    >At 05:22:40 Envisat Ariane 5 r was sceduled to become sunlit just below
    >Polaris so a few moments before it's time i went out and brought my 10x50s
    >to bear in the area where it was expected to be when to my surprise a NOSS
    >trio was right there in my FOV. It turned out to be the Noss 2-2 trio so i
    >followed them until they went behind my house and then looked for Envisat 5
    >r. I found it but it was very faint, Skymap gave me a magnitude of 9.6, the
    >NOSS trio were much brighter. Several minutes later Envisat was due to
    >arrive but even though i knew where it would be, i couldn't find it.
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