Envisat Obs

From: Jari (finn1@telus.net)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 01:55:01 EST

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    With the later 06:38 4 Mar UTC pass to the NW, Az 313 deg El 20 deg, where i
    first saw Envisat 27386 02009A 1 Mar UTC, i was able to observe it despite
    the haze and ground fog forming. I used my 10x50s again and this time it was
    easily seen, the distinct orange tint of it gave it away. I wonder if the
    aft end is more reflective than the rest of it since the 2 good views i had
    of it was while it was going away from me and the faint and non-obs were
    from the 'side'?
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