Superbird A recovered -- flashes now visible from Africa/Europe

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 16:14:46 EST

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    Hi All,
    I'd like to report that Superbird A was successfully recovered by an
    in South Africa last week, and the predicted flash window was only off by a
    few minutes.  I have updated the spin axis (contact me if you want to know
    the updated axis and cone angle), and predictions should now be accurate
    to within a minute or two.
    For Tuesday morning, March 5th, here are predicted flash window center times
    for various locations (all times UTC):
    2:53  southern tip of Spain
    2:54  Portugal/Spain
    2:55  Portugal/Spain
    2:56  Spain
    2:57  Spain/France border
    2:58  Southern France, Sicily
    2:59  Central France, Sicily, South Africa
    3:00  Northern France (Paris), Italy, South Africa
    3:01  London, Northern France, Switzerland, Venice, western Greece,
          South Africa
    3:02  Southeast England, Netherlands, Belgium, western Germany (Munich),
          Austria (Salzburg), Greece (Athens), Crete, South Africa
    3:03  Netherlands, Germany (Berlin), eastern Austria (Vienna),
          northern Greece, Cairo
    3:04  Northern Germany, Czech Republic (Prague), western Turkey
    3:05  Denmark, northern Germany, western Poland, Istanbul
    3:06  Denmark, southern tip of Sweden, Poland, Ankara, Israel
    3:07  Southern Norway, southern Sweden, northern Poland, western
          Russia, central Turkey, Syria
    3:08  Southern Norway, southern Sweden, western Russia, central
          Turkey, Syria
    3:09  Norway, Sweden, western Russia, eastern Turkey
    3:10  Norway, Sweden, western Russia
    3:11 - 3:14  Norway, Sweden, southern Finland, western Russia
    The eastern limit of visibility is around 40 E (38 E above 60
    degrees north latitude).  Add a little over 1 minute per day to
    these times for subsequent days.
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