Re: Sunangle and skymap

From: Ulhas Deshpande (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 13:36:19 EST

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    Thanks Robert
    I changed the magnitude limit as suggested and I got Intelsat 512,Intelsatr
    502 ,Atlas Centaur R/B and Telestar 402 nicely located in the field from
    Sirius to Procyon,about 60 deg above the horizon at 2200 hrs local(+5.5
    GMT). I set up my 16 x 70 binos and looked for any flashes in the region but
    found none in about half hours search. Are none of these sats flashing for
    India? How does one know when flashes occur? Is there any preffered sun
    Ulhas Deshpande
    Nagpur, Central India
    21 08 30 N,79 03 08 E Alt 247 m
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    > Greetings Ulhas,
    > Leave the satellite lighting constraint at sunlit only, and change
    > the magnitude limit to something like +13 or +14.  That should show
    > you plenty of GEOs (provided your range and perigee limits are set
    > high enough in the All File search menu).  The reason you need to
    > set the magnitude limit so dim is that most GEOs never get brighter
    > than 12th magnitude -- except when the specular component of their
    > brightness swamps the diffuse return.  SkyMap does not compute these
    > "flare" magnitudes (near the equinoxes) because they vary too much
    > from satellite to satellite.
    > Best,
    > Rob
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