Photography of geosats

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Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 00:53:39 EST

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    One of the best examples of which I'm aware of photography of 
    geosats (not necessarily flaring, and including some with non-
    zero inclinations) is by Bill Livingston, a solar scientist 
    with the National Solar Observatory of Tucson, Arizona, USA.  
    See the article, "Satellites Spanning the Sky":

    Note that his exposures are five to six *hours* long, with a 
    solidly mounted camera simply pointed due south and at the 
    proper declination.  More details are presented in the article.  
    Don't miss the full-width image of more than 20 satellites:

    A very good example of flaring geosats is on the StarDial Web 
    site, which includes small MPEG files of eclipse ingress and 
    egress of a group of four or five satellites:

    For more information see the Visual Satellite Observers Home
    Page, Geosats page:

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