Re: space shuttle launch times/Progress undocking

From: Robert Oler (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 19:50:12 EST

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    Maybe an attack on the launch pad/Space Shuttle would require more than
    24 hours of planning.  Perhaps it would be time critical.  If they got a
    hijacked plane through the security net (somehow..), they couldn't just
    hover around, waiting for the launch to occur.
    but why would they care?  If the point is to try and ram the shuttle after 
    liftoff then those are some stupid terrorist.  If the point is to try and 
    destroy one on the pad then any time after the vehicle is taken to the pad 
    would do splendidly.  Fueled or partially fueled it effect would even be 
    If the point is to try a man pack against the shuttle again why wait until 
    it launches?  First off I bet that a man pack would quickly be out of its 
    engagement range (after launch) based on where the thing would have to be 
    launched from. Second if one is going to engage it from the ground the pad 
    itself is doubtless "hot" enough just by some of the equipment working 
    around there.
    In fact the decision to not release launch times is silly.  Someone said 
    "what security precautsions should we take that dont cost a lot of money" 
    and this was I think the best that can be done.
    As for making the TLE's secret.  Another silly move.
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