Securing Launch Times for the Shuttle

From: Frank Daloisio (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 09:09:58 EST

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    I don't really like the idea of NASA securing the launch time of the Space 
    Shuttle, but considering the current state of affairs; it does make sense. 
    After all, NASA has to do something, or else, face the possibility of total 
    militarization of the American space program.
    Bill Bard does make a valid point when he stated:
    "While hitting a shuttle on the ground would be a major event, hitting a 
    shuttle right at launch would be much greater, since television coverage 
    would be plentiful."
    Another possible reason for a possible terrorist attack right after launch 
    is the destructive force of an airburst. In essence, the Space Shuttle 
    Vehicle is one very large "bomb" with its Liquid Hydrogen (1 pound of LH2 
    equals approximately 10 pounds of TNT) and Liquid Oxygen. All you have to do 
    is watch the video of STS-51L to see the explosive nature of the Space 
    Shuttle Vehicle. Just imagine the damage resulting from a fully loaded Space 
    Shuttle Vehicle exploding within several hundred feet above the ground. The 
    overpressure would damage its own launch pad plus possibly the other LC-39 
    launch pad and could cause some light to moderate damage to structures 
    beyond the three-mile radius of the launch pad.
    Hopefully we can some day soon return to a state of affair more in line with 
    September 11th and not have to worry about mindless zealots doing the 
    bidding of deranged, coward individuals, such as bin Laden.
    Frank Daloisio
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