Re: HST flared differently

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 05:46:26 EST

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    Robert Fenske wrote about Tuesday evening March 26 Texas time:
    >Saw a sedate 61 degree pass of the Hubble Telescope last night.
    >... [T]his time I saw a -3 flare (which is the brightest I 
    >think I've seen from HST) on its ascent about half way up to 
    >its maximum elevation.  Have others seen HST flares not near 
    I showed the same pass to a UT Austin police office who was
    wondering what I was doing loitering on the upper level of a 
    campus parking garage.  It was a very nice pass, but we didn't 
    see any unusual brightening from here.
    I and others here have seen it flare away from culmination.  
    Once at a star party quite a few people saw one brighter than
    Venus when it was over in the southeast well past culmination.
    It depends of course on where it's pointed.  I think that 
    solar panel flares aren't too common, but that flares from the
    aft shroud and/or aperture door are more frequent.  The one 
    certain thing I've read is that its front end never points 
    closer than 50 degrees to the Sun even with the aperture door 
    closed (and maybe something similar with respect to the Moon 
    and Earth).  
    Last night SPOT 3 (93-061A, 22823) flashed brighter than 
    Jupiter only a degree or two from that planet and then later
    flashed about +1 close to Capella; it did at least a couple
    of more easy 1x flashes.
    Hoping SZ-3 will be in orbit long enough to get to see it!
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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