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Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 03:15:35 PDT

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    > Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 15:26:29 -0700 (MST)
    > From: Rik Hill <rhill@LPL.Arizona.EDU>
    > To:,
    > Absolutely no fair at all!
    > I tried to follow ISS/STS last Monday, got them in my sights but
    > the gain was too high and I toasted them. So I wait. Now that
    > the weather has finally cleared (in Tucson no less!) there are
    > no passages!!
          You have lots of company. I am also dry for at least a week as far as visible
    overhead passes of the ISS are concerned. I also have a slight lull with Iridium flares
    as well. Anyway, time to do some supplementary reading on this subject.
    > Think I'll take up fishing.
    > -Rik
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