STS-100 leading ISS 5/1 UT 12:00

Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 05:18:33 PDT

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    Hi folks:
      Just in time ( minutes to spare)  to check that  ISS had an overhead
    pass near Crux from Robert's Skymap. I stick my head out of my window to
    my surprised found the STS-100 itself followed by the much much brighter
    orange-yellow  ISS some 35 seconds later  on similar trajectory.  As
    this is the corridor for commercial jets I pick up my 7x50s and verify
    both had no tell-tales sign of blinking light. I follow ISS until it dim
    off shortly after passing gamma Centauri into earth's shadow. Wonder
    whether Mr Tito - had recover from  his first experience of
    space-sickness by now.
    ykChia ( call me yK )
    Singapore 103.80255E, 1.445 N, +20m, +8 GMT
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