Lunar transit ?

From: Bruno Tilgner (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 08:44:40 PDT

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    John Locker wrote:
    >I would be interested to know if  this could have been a LEO
    >sat.....although of course it may have been a high flying bird !
    None of the 1564 objects in Mike McCants' file mccants.tle
    crossed the lunar disc as seen from your location around 21:20 UTC.
    Some did 5 minutes earlier or 20 minutes later. All of them were
    in sunlight whereas your message suggests (comparison with a bird)
    that it was a dark object. In that case it would have been in a
    lower orbit than where most LEOs reside and it would have been an
    object too small to be listed in the Mccants file. The satellite
    hypothesis is, therefore, not probable.
    Bruno Tilgner
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