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From: Mike Boschat (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 03:12:14 PDT

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    Darwin Teague wrote:
    > leLoop/
    > The image for May 7th at 01:54 z has a series of dots over the western
    > United States and the Pacific.
    > If you see this soon enough. What did this?
    I did not see the image, but it sounds like a proton event hit...
     Sometimes during a solar proton event I've seen SOHO satelliet saturated
    like going through a snowstorm and then looking at the GOES
    weather satellites I've noticed "speckles" that were caused by the
    protons hitting the satellite. Compare the 2 images sometime and say,
    "Whew! thanks for Earth's magnetic field lines to stop these hard
    events from reaching us."
    Clear skies
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