shuttle and reentering ET visible ?

From: Tristan Cools (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 13:20:54 PDT

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    Here in Europe we do have opportunities to observe both the space shuttle
    and the external tank separated some 20 minutes after launch with 51.6
    degrees launches.
    When they make a visible transit both objects are still close together.  On
    the same orbit the ET will make a destructive reentry close to Hawai.  I
    know that some Seesat L-ers have already seen a ET reentry but here comes
    my question:  
    At the time of ET reentry I think that both objects must be visible, a
    reentering ET and a shuttle making a normal transit(when not in shadow).
    Did anyone observe this ?
    Can shuttle astronauts observe an ET reentering the atmosphere or are they
    to occupied with making shuttle manoeuvres ?
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