NOSS 2-2 one-power pass; Gorizont 16

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 01:16:46 PDT

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    May 15 UTC (Monday evening local time) NOSS 2-2 (91-076C,D,E; 21799,
    21808, 21809) did a fairly easy one-power pass over Austin.  I was 
    in the middle of town and was able to see them for most of the pass.  
    The westernmost one, 21809, was the brightest by at least half a 
    magnitude, at almost +3.  Another site with information on these 
    trios or triplets is "Dave's Military Space Page":

    A few weeks ago I posted a message about a report of a NOSS trio 
    sighting by someone who didn't know what they were.  At least one
    SeeSat contributor went to the site and right away found a second
    such report, in which the person even got a CCD photograph of them:

    Gorizont 16 (88-071A, 19397) proved to be easy to find a few hours
    ago, with handheld 10x50 binoculars; flash period is about 94.2 sec.
    88- 71 A 01-05-16 05:26:12.5 EC 2825.7 0.4  30 94.19  mag +5.0->inv
    Observing location last two nights: 30.3068N, 97.7267W, 150m.
    If any of the rotation-axis determiners can suggest approximate
    time of flash episode of Intelsat 512 (85-087A, 16101) or TDF 1
    (88-098A, 19621), I'd like to try to time them again!
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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