Iridium, post flare flashes

From: Jim Nix (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 07:18:27 PDT

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    Iridium Obs
    May 15
    Iridium 66- a mag -4.0 or brighter flare was observed for 6 secs then
    seven mag 1.0 flashes were observed at about 6 sec intervals.  I recall
    someone on the list mentioning post-flare flashes, first time I've seen
    May 16
    Iridium 74- Again a nice mag -3.0 to -4.0 flare, no flashes though.
    Skymap predicted a flare from Ir 73? that Iridflar did not.  No flare
    or flashes observed from this questionable spare.
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