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    What a night-I use a 6.25" reflector for doing this, after a cloudy 
    day conditions improved towards twilight, however, intermittent high 
    cloud gave me major problems in finding the reference star I wanted 
    to use-HD85376-also I had my sons friends staying overnight so 
    several 11 year olds clamouring for views of every stellar object 
    visble this side of the galaxy caused a lot of frustration and a 
    requirement for lager relief. However, observation and timing was 
    made-but when I checked star charts (ciel software) I found that the 
    observation I made did not corelate closley to the prediction I had 
    run using TLE files dated 18th may. The ref star area I used -
    HD85376 in leo was OK-but the observation position against the 
    time was to "south" of star-prediction indicated north?-Anyway, 
    below is obsentry output.Please give me feedback re accuracy?
    24680 96 072A   2453 B 20010519094216470 57 75 0951105+242870 57 S+040 05
    station 2453
    53 deg 23 min 49secs N
    2 deg 4 min 57 secs W
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