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From: Paolo Cosetti (
Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 10:11:53 PDT

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    If you enjoy satellite tracking then you should have a look at my
    satellite tracking program (new version 1.5) at this site
    Here is a list of the main features:
    -Multi satellite tracking
    -Great tracking accuracy (SGP4+SDP4)
    -Fast and efficent computation of viewing opportunities
    -Look angles, ECI vectors etc.
    -Satellite visual magnitude (standard and lambertian method)
    -Realtime and preview maps
    -Downlink and uplink frequencies
    -Printable output for pass prediction data and maps
    -Simple to use interface and context help available
    ...and much more
    See the preview section and give it a try
    Paolo Cosetti
    home page
    satellite tracking software
    model rocketry
    ACME I-MI-06 / TRA #08249 Level 1
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