Re: mystery flare,21/05

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 17:28:10 PDT

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    Marcus Clark ( wrote:
    > Observing from Paignton,UK,lat.50.43N long.03.55W on evening of 21st
    > May,whilst looking for R Hya,at 23:28-23:30 BST(22:28-22:30 UST) I 
    > saw an object of approximate mag.3.0 falling rapidly to the Southern 
    > horizon.At about alt.30deg it reversed direction and began heading 
    > Northwards.At about alt.70deg az.SW it flared to at least mag.-1 and 
    > continued Northwards.
    Perhaps a possible explanation of this observation could be a crossing
    (or "conjunction") of southbound Cosmos 2369 Rk (26070, 00-006B) with 
    northbound Terra (25994, 99-068A), which later flared.  From the 
    illustration on its Web site, it looks like Terra would be a very good
    candidate for flaring.  Cosmos 2369 Rk should have been around +3.5 
    more or less, and it and Terra came within three or four degrees of
    each other at about 22:30 UTC.  Does "R Hya" mean R Hydra (which was
    low in the south at the time)?
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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