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From: G6GAK - Mike Tyrrell (
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 15:45:25 PDT

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    We've been enjoying some warm weather and clear sky in the UK for the last
    day or so. This has come at just the right time for a series of early
    morning ISS passes. The first of these was 04:00 UTC 24th May and we
    obtained our best images yet. No time to do much image processing yet but
    the raw pictures are at  and
    The station displayed distinctly different attitudes during the pass. We are
    setting up for another attempt in a few hours time subject to the weather
    and ability to go to work with virtually no sleep!
    As a sideline have also observed the following Iridium flares (as predicted
    by HA) - hope to have 35mm pictures of some of these in due course
    22nd May 21:58 UTC Iridium 20 Mag -7
    22nd May 22:03 UTC Iridium 3  Mag -1
    23rd May 22:06 UTC Iridium 25 Mag -2
    24th May 22:00 UTC Iridium 47 Mag -4
    This last one was given as 26deg Alt by HA but seemed to be more like 35-40
    deg (the camera missed it as a result!)
    Mike Tyrrell & Philip Masding
    Manchester, UK
    53.275N  2.547W
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