Re: FW: Possible Supernova?

From: Steven Rogers (
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 06:41:34 PDT

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    >I haven't seen a weather balloon for many years in my neck of the skies but
    >when I did, they were very bright for quite a while after the sun set. They
    >also moved very slowly.
    I haven't seen a weather balloon in about 20 years. Not sure they're
    being used anymore. In the ones I did see, it was possible to see the
    shape of the object as non-circular in binoculars.
    If it were a supernova, the astronomical world would be all over it
    in just a few minutes. If its not a weather balloon, it must be some
    other local phenomena.
    Steve Rogers
    Austin TX -- AIM: StevRocket
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