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Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 05:14:02 PDT

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    Whoops!!  I hate to chime in off-topic but I consider this important.
    Most likely MCF means Thousand Cubic Feet.
    M is the Roman Numeral and is used with British Measures.
    MM would be used for Million Cubic Feet.
    K is the Greek letter for thousand and is used with metric measures.
    M would be used for Million Cubic Meters.
    Pat McNally
    47.7    122.3
    >One of the pages on their site includes this statement: "Today,
    >payloads weighing 5000 pounds are quite common and balloons of 20
    >to 30 MCF are flown routinely."  ("MCF" means million cubic feet, a
    >unit for measuring the volume of the [inflated] balloon.)  I don't
    >have any idea how often "routinely" means.
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