Re: FW:Possible Supernova

Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 11:52:46 PDT

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    Ron Lee Wrote:
    >I saw a weather balloon a month or so ago that could have appeared
    >as described.  In binoculars it was obvious what it was but naked
    >eye at more distance it could be an unexplained stellar like object.
    Sunlit balloons in a dark sky can be very, very bright indeed: A few years 
    ago in Toulouse, France I was fortunate enough to spot a large scientific 
    balloon rising to its float altitude, appearing as a small oval disc to the 
    naked eye. Despite having a slant range of at least 50-60km the payload under 
    balloon, as well as details in the balloon envelope were easy to discern 
    through my 6" telescope . 
    After sunset the balloon, which was west of my location, remained backlit by 
    the sun. appearing as a brillantly glowing oval in the darkening sky until it 
    earths shadow rose to its altitude. As a result of receiving hundreds of 
    calls about "the UFO" that evening the local radio & TV station ran a story 
    on the balloon flight:-)
    Best wishes & clear skies,
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