Request for historical 8xxxx TLEs

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 09:33:34 PDT

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    I'm doing some work on my orbital element archives and would like to put out
    a request for TLEs in the 8xxxx range.  As has been discussed here on
    occasion, NORAD uses these numbers for "analyst elements" that are assigned
    to "uncorrelated targets" (UCTs).
    AFAIK, these are not presently distributed in public channels, but for a
    number of years in the mid-1990s fairly large numbers of 8xxxx elsets were
    released, for reasons that are slightly unclear.  Studying my current
    holdings (about 17,000 UCT TLEs),  I've found several  interesting objects
    as well as some puzzles perhaps related to NORAD procedures.  Which, of
    course, motivates me to collect more of these TLEs and see what else might
    be discovered in them.
    So if anybody here happens to have 8xxxx series TLEs stored in some corner
    of their disk drive, I'd much appreciate getting a copy by e-mail.   Of
    course, if anyone wants a copy of my holdings, just ask.
    One particular object of interest, BTW, is 81214, which during October and
    November of 1994 was observed to have a much smaller radar cross-section
    than its optical brightness  suggested.  That was well within the period of
    public access to UCT data, so I'm hoping there are some TLEs around that
    might help identify what it was.  See for what is
    currently known about 81214.
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