Re: Extracting Long/Lat from TLE's

Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 21:17:00 PDT

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    Anthony Ayiomamitis wrote:
    >       How would one go about extracting a satellite's longitude and
    > latitude from the TLE's? 
    I used to use MrOrbit. That has a function giving lat/long.
    >       I am interested in writing some software to basically parse a
    > geosat TLE file and produce a list of corresponding longitudes and
    > latitudes. I would like to produce results, if possible, accurate to
    > within one and, preferably, two decimal places.
    Unless you just want the exercise, software already exists.
    >       I am setting the stage for a mini-project involving the
    > photography of geosat constellations and would like to be able to
    > generate the above-mentioned results at a whim's notice so as to plan my
    > photo sessions and photo composition/framing.
    As mentioned before, you don't need lat/long. You do want azimuth/
    elevation. The best way to do that is use a prediction program
    like HIGHFLY. You may then make predictions at a moment's notice.
    Jay Respler
       Satellite Tracker * Early Typewriter Collector
               Freehold, New Jersey
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