Re: Gorizont 16 flashing

Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 21:39:03 PDT

In a message dated 5/31/2001 17:15:13, writes:
>   The past several nights, except for last night, I have been able to
>observe Gorizont 16 (#19397).  On each night it was already flashing when
>first trained my binoculars onto its predicted location.  

Last night (30th - 31st May 2001, obs ending at 05:22UT, 31st May 2001) I was 
also able to observe Gorizont 16 (19397/88-071A) flashing using my 80mm 
refractor, observing from San Francisco, CA. The flashes were mag +7 or +8, 
with the flashes appearing to brighten during the approximately. 
Unfortunately, I just discovered that my stop watch appears to be 
malfunctioning (running slow), so my flash timing data is useless :-( 

I did also look for Gorizont 23, which lay within a few degrees of Gorizont 
16 , but this was totally invisible with my instrument (limiting magnitude 
under the conditions of perhaps mag+10). Does anyone have any observations of 
this geoflasher during the summertime - I have the impression that it is 
generally brightest during the winter / spring?

Best wishes & clear skies,


Jason P Hatton
San Francisco, CA
N37.80deg, W122.40deg

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