globalstar 23 Meteor 2-11 passing across the moon video, plus other video from tonight

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon May 01 2006 - 05:12:12 EDT

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    Oh Ya!!!!!!
    I bagged 2 satellites going across the moon:)
    I was the low light video camera with my old 70 mm refractor. I also used a focal reducer, so I
    could see more of the moon. Works nicely I have to say.
    First one was globalstar 23, it flashes:)
    Look carefully for it
    Then a few ninutes later Meteor 2-11 :)
    It be so easy to see:)
    For the first video, with globalstar, I forgot correct for the image being reversed by the focal
    reducer. I rotated the video camera to fixed that, in the second one. That way it passes by as
    seen in Binoculars. I am picky ok:)
    Object B ( I beleive it's calipso ) I could be wrong 
    Object A ( I beleive it's cloudsat ) I could be wrong 
    Noss 3-3 Rocket
    And of course a pass of a APT, ha ha ha:) I like them, can't you tell.
    Largest file size is 3 MB. I found to much quality was lost this time, when I tried to convert to
    a different format.
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