Re: 2 satellites close to each other for Australia on May 7

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Fri May 05 2006 - 11:02:22 EDT

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    I made predictions from recent elsets, using Track16 to get XYZ ECI 
    coordinates for the appropriate orbit.
    Then I built a spreadsheet to find where the line between the satellites 
    extends to (a spherical) earth.
    Over Australia, they are up to 10 seconds apart, and the line doesn't 
    hit ground (not even using 7-11 seconds delay?).
    They are about one degree crosstrack low in the W (or E), more at higher 
    I found the first 30-second interval point above horizon 10:38:00 at 
    171.95W 41.36N
    10:39:30 167.08W 58.40N
    10:42:30 142.86W 72.90N (shortest range=highest)
    10:45:30  65.72W 79.24N (most northern)
    then moving into daylight (and to horizon)
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    Subject: 2 satellites close to each other for Australia on May 7
    > For any sat observer located in Australia.
    > On May 7 at a few minutes after 10 UTC, 2 satellites predicted to be 
    > close to each other, will
    > pass by.
    > There catalog numbers are 22803 and 23088
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