Re: help with mystery object

Date: Wed May 10 2006 - 02:29:29 EDT

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    Hi folks:
     OK I checked...M81-M82 spans ~ 1 degree  so the whole FOV is: 2 x 2.7
    degree.. so a small segment of any bird transverse trail will look 'linear'
    in such a small FOV. The sharp bent is another bird that change direction. 
      Hi folks:
      I did not check the frame FOV in degrees. I have encountered night birds
    that can produce surprising straight/linear trajectories ( only detectable
    as bird in video playback) and also the various hair-pin sharp turns after
    that( as one of the trail exhibited it) even in my 12x14 degree of FOV. So
    my take: both are objects of the feathered kind.
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