RE: help with mystery object

From: Richard Crisp (
Date: Wed May 10 2006 - 11:06:24 EDT

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    as I looked at it more closely it looked like the track was one track and the scope moved during the tracking.
    David said that isn't what happened however.
    Still that's what it looks like to me.
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    >This looks like a double exposure (note two types of trailed stars).
    >Could the shutter have been open while moving from one field to another?
    >Perhaps the 'satellite' is really just a bright star.
    >	Randy
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    >taken Friday night at Fremont Peak State Park about 12 miles south of
    >San Juan Bautista, California.
    >Dave Samuels, a friend of mine, took this image. I am forwarding to this
    >group and copying Dave in hopes we can crack the mystery for him.
    >The time of day was 05/06/2006 2:37am PDT, from Fremont Peak State Park
    >(about 36 deg 45' 36" N,  -121 deg 30' 08" W) 
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