Re: Satellites Crossing in front of the Moon

From: George Roberts (
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 11:35:08 EDT

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    > I estimated the rate was about 6-7 sec to
    > cross the 0.5-degree full Moon at the equator. 
    This is the most important part of your observations and tells me
    that they had to be balloons.  Balloons can travel any direction in
    the field of view including downward in an un-inverted view 
    because they could be at a constant altitude moving away from you.
    To be in this slow of a orbit these objects would have to be very far 
    away as Ted mentioned which means they would be something like 
    10 times larger than the ISS and there is no man made object larger 
    than the ISS orbiting the earth.  Certainly not 7 or so such objects.
    I believe the ISS typically takes something like 1/3 of a second (but I 
    could be off by a factor of 3) to cross the moon .
    Don't be discouraged!  Keep up the observations!  It's good to hear 
    from someone who recorded all the important data.
    - George Roberts
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