Re: Observing Vanguard (was two obs plus others)

From: Bill Frost (
Date: Fri May 19 2006 - 00:54:55 EDT

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    Thanks Ed, it would be fascinating to see one of the Vanguards. I really must get the binoculars out and have a go.
    In 1959 one of the Vanguards (1959-001-B, I suspect) was lost. It was rediscovered by a Moonwatch team from an observation point at the University of Adelaide (Australia), including my father as one of its members. So the interest has been passed down two generations, even though his granddaughter will only come out and see an Iridium flare if it rates at minus seven magnitude.
    There is an outside chance that I saw one of the Vanguards. I've just turned 50 and in 1959, just before we went to live at the Woomera Rocket Range, I was taken outside to see a satellite and I remember it more because it was such a big event for my father. One of these days I might try and see if I can narrow down which one it might have been. HA shows just 18 tracked objects from that year, five of which are still in earth orbit.
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