any idea what this object could be in someone's images

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 08:28:16 EDT

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    I came across some images someone took, and made into a movie
    I have posted the video to
    Look carefully for a moving star to the right of sirius, that passes close to it, and ends up to
    the left of it.
    The person is in Kanata Ontario Canada. 
    Approx 45.31 N 75.90 W
    His info on when it was made
    December 8 2005 I setup my DSLR on a camera tripod and took 240 frames
    every 60 seconds,starting at 1147PM and shooting through until 05:44AM
    the next morning. I then combined them and made a short movie of the
    constellation of Orion "marching" across my backyard.
    Frame Interval: 60sec.
    Shutter speed: 30sec.
    Aperture: F3.5
    ISO: 400
    So every frame was taken 1 minute apart, starting at 11:47 pm EST
    Any idea what it could be
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