video of gorizont 29 flash and Express AM-11 flare, and why I observed gorizont 29 by accident

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun May 28 2006 - 06:51:27 EDT

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    I was planning on observing apple, to keep an eye out for any flashes from it, as I have not
    observed it along time:(
    But then after 2 hours of observing between 2 to 4 UTC and not seeing any flahes , I decided to
    check on INMARSAT 4-F2, to see if I could observe it's main body flare. I found last time I
    observed it, no flaring was seen, yet I can easily see the main body flare as I call it, from the
    2 milstars.
    I was watching to try and spot it, when I observe a flash. I then roughly 1 minute later, saw
    another flash, so I decided to try and id this nice flasher. I got an id for it, as Gorizont 29.
    It was flashing every 65 seconds.
    I observed it from roughly 3:51 to 5:04 UTC ( May 28 ).
    I had also seen an atlas centaur rocket pass by, while observing Gorizont 29. 
    It was 08331 ( 1975-091 B ) Nice slow flasher.
    PPAS report for Gorizont 29
    93- 72 A 06-05-28 04:30:36   KF                65     +5.0->inv
    Video of one of it's flashes. File size less then 1 MB.
    Time of flash was 4:31:41 utc, so the flash was at roughly
    17 h 38 m R.A
    -10 deg 08 min DEC
    At 5:18 UTC ( May 28 ) I observed Express AM-11, which was so bright on the tv.
    Video is roughly 2 minutes in duration, showing the slow decrease in brightness.
    Warning File Size is 11 MB
    44.6062 N
    75.6910 W
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