SpaceX Crew Dragon re-entry alert...USA

From: ronlee--- via Seesat-l <>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2023 18:52:48 -0600
Splashdown is set to be the Panama City Florida zone currently at
11:04 PM EDT.

Estimate event times follow:

Deorbit burn end:   10:28 PM EDT   (9:28 PM CDT)

Blackout start:   10:51 PM EDT    (9:51 PM CDT)

Blackout end:  10:58 PM EDT    (9:58 PM CDT)

Drogue parachutes deploy:  11:00 PM EDT   (10:00 PM CDT)

Main parachutes deploy:  11:01 PM EDT   (10:01 PM EDT)

Splashdown:  11:04 PM EDT  (10:04 PM CDT)

Re-entry visibility from the fiery portion of the entry is roughly
the blackout period (10:51 PM - 10:58 PM EDT).   It may be sooner
and it may change a little so monitor the webcast at

The ground track goes near Seattle, WA, northeast Colorado, west
of Salina Kansas, near Little Rock, Arkansas then a little northeast
of Mobile Alabama.   (all are best estimates).

If clear I may see it from the Falcon, Colorado area.

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