Re: failed launch due to 2nd stage malfunction (Re: North Korea announces satellite launch May 31-June 11)

From: Sebastien F4GRX via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2023 13:04:18 +0200
Hi again,

Native speaker globally agrees with me, their translation was "something 
that can see far away", precisely "view at 10000 li".

Man means 10 thousands

Li is a length unit, around 500m

Kyung means view

I did not expect that! Quite on spot for a reconnaissance satellite :)

Also, the wikipedia page for Li mentions:

In North Korea the Chollima Movement, a campaign aimed at improving 
labour productivity along the lines of the earlier Soviet Stakhanovite 
movement, gets its name from the word "chollima" which refers to a 
thousand-ri horse (chŏn + ri + ma in North Korean Romanization).

I guess there is a story of the "1000 li" productivity produced a "10000 
li" satellite or something like that... Possibly a way to motivate the 
population with great achievements... :-)

Best regards,


Le 31/05/2023 à 12:36, Sebastien F4GRX via Seesat-l a écrit :
> Hi,
> Malligyong is a very probably a "northkoreanism", the south korean 
> news entry here: 
> names the payload as '만리경' (hoping the UTF-8 hangul makes it through) 
> which is transliterated as man li gyeong or "manligyeong", which is 
> translated "great mirror" by google translate.
> Telescope is google translated "mang wongyeong" so it's close.
> North Korea insists on using antiquated/traditional/chinese origin 
> korean expressions to distinguish itself from the south, so it's 
> possible that they have specific north korean expressions for these 
> terms that are purposely different than what google translate knows 
> about modern korean language.
> Great mirror to mean telescope could be in this zone, it's 
> semantically related.
> I have asked a native speaker to provide confirmation, it will take 
> some time to get an answer...
> Sebastien
> Le 31/05/2023 à 12:09, Marco Langbroek via Seesat-l a écrit :
>> Op 31-5-2023 om 12:04 schreef Marco Langbroek:
>>> The KCNA report states that they used a new rocket, "Chollima-1", 
>>> and names the payload as "Malligyong-1", which if Google Translate 
>>> doesn't fool me means something like "Grand View-1".
>> Never trust Google Translate. People who can really read Korean 
>> indicate it to be closer to "telescope" or "refractor".
>> - Marco
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