Paul Maley (PMALEY@jscdo6.jsc.nasa.gov)
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 08:36:45 CDT


Have received all test messages so far. I would recommend that users 
avoid reporting every and all observations. There are some that are 
simply "status quo" which are OK in their own right. The more that 
people have to read that doesnt contribute uniqueness, the less 
valuable the board becomes. Examples are: HST, unless something 
unusual is noted and 10820 (78-42A) which exhibits bright flashes 
sporadically as a norm. One might consider the possibility of sending 
a message which displays a running light curve showing flash period 
versus days from launch for a special object, projections of decay of 
a high priority satellite with alerts to specific regions (continents)
where visibility might be coming up.

I received messages from Walter, Mike, Bjoern.

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