What should seesat-l contain ?

Tue, 29 Nov 1994 19:06:10 +0100 (CET)

Paul wrote this in seesat-l/10 :

>Have received all test messages so far. I would recommend that users
>avoid reporting every and all observations.

I tend to agree, although it will ultimately be up to the list itself
to decide what (and how much of it) they find interesting.

>There are some that are
>simply "status quo" which are OK in their own right. The more that
>people have to read that doesnt contribute uniqueness, the less
>valuable the board becomes. Examples are: HST, unless something
>unusual is noted and 10820 (78-42A) which exhibits bright flashes
>sporadically as a norm.

All agreed, but that shouldn't refrain beginning observers from reporting
more casual observations *at first*. We should not scare them away by
saying : 'oh, we know that, just report something *interesting* next
time'. We should definitely guide people regarding what is 'unusual'.
The BWG 'top-priority-list' (as published in Flash and the Flash email-
report) is a good starting point for that (at least for flashers).
Seesat-l should not be a list full of 'I saw MIR', although 'I saw MIR
accompanied by Soyuz' is OK with me. We should report the unusual,
exceptional observations. Bu we should also leave room for more casual
observations. It should be a mix of both. It should not be a list of
observations in the PPAS format, it should be something like the
'Observational Flashes' in Flash. All IMHO, of course. The observations
should still be sent directly to me, I think.

>One might consider the possibility of sending
>a message which displays a running light curve showing flash period
>versus days from launch for a special object, projections of decay of
>a high priority satellite with alerts to specific regions (continents)
>where visibility might be coming up.

I intend to put the Flash-email-report on seesat-l on a monthly basis.
The Satorama list will also appear on seesat-l. The two files can
compile the usual/casual observations of every month, at least as regards
the flash-observations. Seesat-l is open to all other kinds of satellite
observations as well, compiling of these other kinds of obscan be done
on a case-by-case basis (e.g. all obs of a decaying object, or spy sat,

I expect that as more observers join each will have his own idea about
what is useful for seesat-l and I think we haven't seen the end of this
discussion yet.

By the way, it is also possible for me to put out 'digests' irregularly
(depending on volume of posting) instead of a mailing-list. Ultimate
volume to read stays the same, the number of mails is drastically reduced.
Do you think it is perferrable? One obvious disadvantage is that there
is a lag-time involved, something we may want to prevent.

>I received messages from Walter, Mike, Bjoern.

OK, thanks. I think the testing is almost over, you should no longer
report what you receive :-)

I'm sorry to go on for so long. you may be consolated by the fact that
I won't have much to report on in the near future regarding observations :-)

I would like to hear your reactions. Since most of these topics are pertinent
to seesat-l, I suggest we discuss them on seesat-l, so the other people can
join in.