Re: 15x70 binoculars?

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 11:05:43 EST

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    I have a simple $10 accessory that is tightened around the central
    (focussing) rod of my 7*50 binoculars, and attaches to a camera tripod. The
    drawback is that I don't get it high enough for standing, or spreading the
    tripod legs enough for sitting in a chair. If I put it on a table, I still
    have to bend my neck too much.
    In my previous mail I referred to binoculars that have this tripod
    attachment integrated - for at least one of the brands it is also adjustable
    to balance it for different elevation angles.
    Reasonable alternatives are to keep the tripod legs together, and hold them,
    just to carry the weight; or use a camera attachment on a ribbon around your
    neck and supported by your chest ("chest tripod"); or fastened on a
    horizontal rod that extends over your chair.
    These problems these disappear if you buy a >$150 binocular mount - they
    have a wide "leg relief" and many degrees of freedom of movement!
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    > I use these to complement telescopic observation because they are
    difficult/impossible to hold steady.
    > An adapter for a tripod is less than $10US at Ritz Camera.  Binocular
    mounts will cost
    > more than the Binoculars but will make observation an order of magnitude
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