Is UFO 2 rl a flasher? 11/9/03 am

From: chiayk1 (
Date: Sun Nov 09 2003 - 00:27:36 EST

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    Hi folks:
          This morning while reviewing skypatol captured video frames (5
    min/frame)  I found a  'regular- spaced' dots going through at least for
    two frames that hinted a possibility of a flashing sat.
           I reviewed the video just to make sure this is the work of a bird
    (unlikely)  that somehow manage a linear trajectory through two frames..
    From the video play back this object is indeed a satellite .  It was
    slow moving going flashing  cycle of ~ 9 seconds and of mag +1 or
           Skymap plot revealed the best possible candidate to be UFO 2 rl
    around the time of closest approach to Rho Puppis going towards Pyx.
           My question is does UFO 2 rl flashes?  Thnx.
    S'pore ( 1.445 N, 103.80255 N  UT +8, 20m )
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