Re: USA 81 - Flasher?

From: Andrew Gray (
Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 07:37:49 EST

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    On 12 Nov 2003 at 11:19, M wrote:
    > > BTW can anyone in Europe let me know of a way of getting an accurate time
    > > signal?  I do own a shortwave radio so I can receive HF signals, but not
    > > very longwave ones.
    > >
    > A way to keep a reasonable check is to use a PC with the time synchronised
    > from a server.
    For what it's worth, on Windows XP, there's a reasonably quiet 
    feature (I never saw it mentioned, at least) to auto-synchronise the 
    clock when connected to the Internet, every week or so. You can force 
    this to do it when you ask it to; double-click on the clock and go to 
    "Internet Time". This doesn't, IIRC, exist as standard in previous 
    Windows OSes.
    For other machines, try googling; there's plenty of usable freeware 
    programs out there; sadly, I can't remember the one I used last year, 
    but there were two or three good ones.
    An online one, which means accurate to a couple of seconds allowing 
    for lag, is at But I digress.
    > I do not know of a reliable radio source, even  if one used the longwave
    > transmissions they do not announce the time.
    Mobile phone and the speaking clock? It gets round the "don't want to 
    look at a screen" problem, certainly. <g>
    There are a few transmitters which broadcast time signals - one at 
    Rugby, I think, and one in Germany - but I'm not sure how these are 
    encoded/signalled, and they may be impractical to use.
    You could always just buy one of those self-calibrating radio 
    watches, of course :-)
    -Andrew Gray
     (another lurker; south Edinburgh, UK)
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