RE: Trouble with Cosmos 2399 ?

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Wed Nov 26 2003 - 16:51:30 EST

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    Harro Zimmer's curiosity about the health of Cosmos 2399 has bee answered
    2003-11-26 18:07     * RUSSIA * SPACE * SATELLITE * DENIAL *
    MOSCOW, NOVEMBER 26. /RIA NOVOSTI / -- The press service of the Russian Space
    Troops has rejected the information that the Russian satellite Kosmos-2399 has
    failed and "fallen apart". This information "is not true to fact", says the
    press service in the communique circulated on Wednesday.
    The satellite was launched from the Baikonur space port last August.
    "The press service of the Space Troops has been authorised officially to declare
    that, following correction work, the spacecraft is functioning and performing
    missions as designed within the Russian orbital group", reads the communique.
    Thank you, to the SeeSat-L subscriber who alerted me to this news report.
    Here are recent elements:
    COSMOS 2399
    1 27856U 03035A   03330.47923199  .00426826  70709-5  30100-3 0  4585
    2 27856  64.9117 183.0873 0092029  70.4587   7.2929 16.06814479 16991
    Ted Molczan
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