Re: Possible decay obs from Joshua Tree, CA

From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Thu Nov 27 2003 - 20:56:06 EST

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    Mark Hanning-Lee wrote:
    > Has anyone else on the list had the good fortune to
    > see a decay, aided by predictions from this list?
    > (Apart from the Columbia tragedy.)
    Hi Mark and all,
    I just missed this rare opportunity in August 2001 by my own fault. I am always 
    aware of the predictions for decaying objects as I got my own web pages about 
    this, thanks to Alan. That August 11, a Friday night, I took a break from a hard 
    week spent on renovating my new house. I didn't check the decay predictions, 
    didn't update my web pages and didn't go watch the Perseids with the astronomy 
    club.... Well then it happened, the event I was dreaming of, a visible reentry 
    in Quebec, seen by hundreds of people except me :-(((((((.
    It was an SL-6 (Molniya) rocket stage launched about a month before. Boy, I was 
    angry about me the next morning when I read all the emails... I'm now just 
    waiting for the next opportunity.
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