RE: Possible decay obs from Joshua Tree, CA

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Thu Nov 27 2003 - 21:55:42 EST

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    Stephen Bolton wrote:
    > Mark,
    > I saw an event in 1995? Raduga-33 skimmed the atmosphere just 
    > over my part of Canada. The path was almost exactly as 
    > predicted on the list. Should be in the archives - and easy 
    > to find since I don't post often.
    One of the more exotic observations ever reported on SeeSat-L, so I remember it
    Luni-solar perturbations had pushed the perigee of a rocket body in GTO
    (geo-synchronous transfer orbit) deep into the upper atmosphere, resulting in
    rapid destruction of its orbit by drag.
    Its perigee height became so low, that days before it decayed, the rocket began
    to heat up to the point that it glowed and shed mass each time it passed through
    perigee, which is what Steve observed.
    Here is the URL of your post and that of my analysis:
    Ted Molczan
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