Re: H-A down ?

From: John Locker (
Date: Sat Nov 29 2003 - 11:46:32 EST

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    Hi Andy ,
    Thanks for the quick reply ...I'm in the UK too so it looks like network or
    page probs.
    I used CalSky instead and got the ISS pass times from there , but saw no
    sign of the station at 1626....mind you it was still twilight , so may have
    missed it.
    Nothing on radio either.
    Its not looking good here for the next pass......VERY heavy cloud moving in.
    > It's inaccessible from here (UK, via Telewest) - it's giving a
    > traffic error message, so it'll probably be back on its feet in a
    > while. Wonder why it suddenly got overloaded...
    > "Background:
    > The request cannot be processed at this time. The amount of traffic
    > exceeds the Web site's configured capacity."
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