Review of Satspy program

Stephen Bolton (
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 15:55:10 -0300

 I have recently purchased Satspy for Windows from Acappella Publishing,
after trying the shareware version.
 I would recommend this program for the following features:

 1. An excellent file utilities subprogram which allows manipulation similar
to " inputtle.exe", and makes the combination of various tle files easy. It
also permits the conversion of two-le to three-le easy.

 2. This program will process an unlimited number of sats, and can be
filtered according to a wide variety of      element/observer paramaters.

 3. Display of track predictions for a given site and time is fast and easy.
The tracks can be displayed as 
    either ground or starfield.

 4. A nice feature is "multitrack"- in which all predicted tracks for a
given time span can be displayed
    against a star background.
 5. Satspy also prints out an excellent hardcopy for each pass prediction
with a convenient section to
    record your observations.

 6. Satels can be easily analysed by groups formatted according to sat #,
magnitude, age of els, etc.

  This "review" is only my opinion, and I have neglected mentioning a few
trivial items. I would 
  welcome email regarding this program.  

                                        Steve Bolton