RE: FLASH newsletter

Jeff Hunt (
Sun, 8 Oct 95 20:50:23 EDT

Lutz Schindler recently wrote in part:
..Sometimes I know FLASH newsletter and also seesat-l is only a publication 
for advanced satellite observers.

I can not comment about the FLASH newsletter but as for seesat-l I do not 
think it is only for the "advanced" sat observer.  I would guess the 
subscriber list would include the full spectrum from novice (like myself) to 
the Professional.  Sometimes the topics get very technical but if the topic 
interests me I will ask for a further explaination for a lay person like 
myself.  Normally I would ask it directly to the information source but here 
may lie the problem.  If the question pertains directly to this list, then 
maybe the question should be submitted to the list so that others *may* 
learn also.  Bottom line; don't be afraid to ask questions.  Someone on this 
list would be more than happy to answer.  I've been impressed by others on 
this list who *do* take the time to answer questions from the inexperienced 
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