New stuff in the archive

Tue, 10 Oct 1995 17:09:33 +0100 (CET)

Hi all,

Some recent additions to the SeeSat-L archive. For general information
about the archive, send a message with Subject : archive help to

1. Satellite Situation Report.

To get the SSR of August 1995, as edited by Mike McCants into a more
readable format, send a message with Subject : archive get ssr/ssr9508.uu
The file is uuencoded and zipped, but still 208 Kb large.

2. Program-files of the Belgian Working Group Satellites (BWGS)

The Belgian Working Group Satellites is especially interested in and
collects measurements of flash periods. They have a program of over 200
flashing satellites of which observations are welcome. To get an 
overview of this program + recent observations of those satellites, send
a message with Subject : archive get program/program.r*

The BWGS archive for flash period measurements, the PPAS (Photometric
Periods of Artificial Satellites) database, currently contains over 35000
measurements of over 1300 satellites. To receive information on how to 
get the fifth edition PPAS 5 (published early 1995) from the archive, send 
a message with Subject : archive get ppas/

All the recent updates to the PPAS, i.e. all observations that the BWGS has
received this year (so far), are now also available on the archive. There
are 7 updates so far, called ppas5-01.obs, ppas5-02.obs, etc...
To receive these files, send a message with 
Subject: archive get ppas/ppas5*.obs