Ftp archive.

Neil Clifford (n.clifford1@physics.oxford.ac.uk)
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 11:20:42 +0100 (BST)

I am now mirroring kilroy.jpl.nasa.gov and archive.afit.af.mil (the
elements directories). Hopefully the new software will update the files
sucessfully unlike the previous package.

The mirrors start at


The main elements directory still exists and consists largely of
symbolic links to the key element files from the mirrored sites so that
you can grab all the key files from one directory instead of hunting
around. Note that I have now dropped the uncompressed versions of Ted
Molczan's file (new_molc) and Allen Thomson's file (new_elem); the
symlinks point to the compressed files from the mirrored sites. If you
don't possess gzip or UNIX compress you can uncompress them during the
ftp transfer by dropping the suffix from the requested file. For example

get new_molc

will grab the file new_molc.Z, uncompress it and transfer it to your
machine. By adding the suffix you can compress binary/text files to
speed up your transfers if you wish. Obviously there is little point
trying this with the *.gz *.Z files!


Neil Clifford                             <n.clifford@physics.oxford.ac.uk>