Sun, 15 Oct 1995 18:56:44 +0100 (CET)

Alphonse Pouplier writes :

> As I could easily decode the very intesting C1833.GIF
> (Message LONGITUDE SURFING), I take the permission
> to send another image.
>  Alphonse POUPLIER


I am glad to see that you have finally mastered uuencode, but
I don't understand why you sent that graph to seesat. Unless I
missed something during my absence, it seems a graph of MIR
passing through the sky of Boston is of *VERY* little use to the
180+ seesat-subscribers that do not live in Boston.
Also, it would help if you explain what people can see in the
graph (if the graph were interesting enough to be posted in the
first place, that is). I'm sorry, but it is not the first time
you have used poor judgement in sending stuff to the list. So, I
would suggest you think twice before sending out uuencoded files
to the list next time. It's not as if you haven't been warned before.

I'm sending out this reply to the whole list, because I want to
make it clear that we *do* have an archive where I can make 
files like this available. After I receive the file from you,
I will post a message to seesat-l explaining what can be found
at the archive, so *the seesat-subscriber* can be the judge of 
whether he/she finds it interesting enough to download.