Bright and Easily Visible
Wed, 18 Oct 95 20:53:49 -0700


Alphonse Pouplier wrote:

> With my computer controled telescope I often have to make
> demonstrations and I would like to get a list of satellites
> to put in what I call my SELECTION as being FREQUENTLY
> and EASILY visible.
> The conditions are:
> - inclination such that they are visible from latitude +45
> - current magnitude less than 7
> - not necessarily flashing !
> I whish to receive a maximum number of satellites
> from 50 to 100.

Here is one way you might go about it: download VISUAL.TLE from
ftp: or from Neil Clifford's mirror site at

Then delete all satellites with an inclination of less than 82
degrees (except Mir, of course).

This should leave you with between 50 and 100 bright satellites
in polar orbit. This will give you the most passes with the
fewest satellites.



Jim Varney, P.E.                                           Sacramento, CA
Civil Engineer